VIP SOUNDLAB One Shot Artillery HD Drums and Instruments [WAV, Maschine]

VIP SOUNDLAB One Shot Artillery HD Drums and Instruments

Time for some New Sounds ! The VIP SOUNDLAB’S Team of producers are proud to present our newest library in Studio Quality HD 24 BIT This amazing expasion is loaded with amazing virtual instruments via the maschine zone map so all you have to do is press keyboard mode and you are ready to rock ! Instruments include , Bass strings, 808’s , Synths , Plucks , Organs and more. But wait what would some studio quality instruments

be with out pro drum samples ? Boom we got you covered with digital samples that were recorded in 4 different studio’s with over 120 + hours of recording time…wheew need we say more. Dont have maschine ? no problem these samples are designed for producers who live in the studio and have those late night sessions and looking for the perfect elements to finish or create a mix with HD wav format with crisp, professional clean studio quality. Each Folder is labeled as 808 & Bass, Claps & Snaps , Cymbal & Crash , Kick Drums , High Hats & Snares in HD Audio along with HD Instruments such as Jupiter Synth, Orchestral Brass , Nord Synth , Mini Moog Bass, Oberheim Synth , Roland Strings , Vintage Organ , Triton Pluck Synth Bass Orchestral Synth & Percussion.

One Shot Artillery Drums Features :

  • 808 & Bass ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Kick Drums ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • High Hats ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Snares ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Percussion ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Claps & Snaps (HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Cymbal & Crash ( HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Instrument Chops (HD Wav. & Maschine Format )
  • Maschine 2.X Artwork + .mxgrp


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