Super-chic, super-freaky, Funk Guitar has all the funk factor your guitar parts need. For music, film, TV, advert, radio or online productions.




Infectious Funky Grooves
If you need to get your groove on, Funk Guitar delivers top-class funky
guitar licks. Performances include infectious rhythm parts, classic funk
wahwah sounds and some groovy single note lines. For music producers,
songwriters or composers looking to drop some instant funky guitar into
their latest project, Funk Guitar is right on the money. The playing is
super-tight, the sound and production of the highest standard, and the
rhythms are just begging you to dance. Super-chic, super-freaky, Funk
Guitar has all the funk factor your guitar parts need.

Six String Freak Out
The content is split into two Elastik soundbanks. These provide dry or FX
versions of the loops, allowing you to install either or both as you
prefer. The dry versions allow you to choose your own ambience treatments
while the FX versions include some cool reverb and delay options and are
ready to mix straight out of the box. The phrases are four bars long. In
both soundbanks, the content is organized into tempo-based folders spanning
90 to 120bpm. Each tempo category includes loops with root notes in both E
and A. This, alongside Elastik's powerful pitch/tempo shifting capability,
and the cutting-edge Retune features, means it is easy to build complete,
song-based, guitar performances.

Super-Tight Performances
As part of the Elastik Instrument Series, Funk Guitar provides over 1000
loops across 2.5GB of sample content and makes an excellent complement to
our other funk and soul-inspired libraries such as Funk Up, Funk & Soul or
70s Funk Rock, giving you even more fresh and funky options.