Splice Sounds Dome of Doom: Elusive Lush Chords and Drum Loops [WAV]

Team DECiBEL | 18 March 2020 | 982.1 MB

Elusive在各种合成器,键盘和软合成器上演奏了600多个和弦,全部都用他的签名和音色加上53种手工制作的鼓圈以他的标志性风格进行标记。 如果您要添加一些单拍或打击乐声音,请查看Elusive的“ Lofi Slaps and Chords”。
Elusive played over 600 chords on various synths, keyboards, and soft synths, all labeled with their key and voicing + 53 hand crafted drum loops in his signature style. If you're looking for some one-shot kicks or percussion sounds to add to the mix, check Elusive's 'Lofi Slaps & Chords.'