Softube Modular v2.5.9 [WiN]

Softube Modular

Team R2R | 02 January 2021 | 160.5 MB
Modular synthesizers are a way of life. The sense of endless possibility, of open-ended adventure, is captivating. Addictive even. And nothing else can produce the sonic extremes of which a modular system is capable. Patch four or five modules together in a new way and you just might hear something no human ear has ever heard before.

Created in close collaboration with Doepfer, the creators and original stewards of the Eurorack modular synth standard, Softube Modular gives you the sound, the freedom, and the expandability of a hardware modular synthesizer, without the constraints. Seven essential component-modeled Doepfer modules are included, plus 50 stock modules, from utilities like mixers and multipliers to sequencers and performance panels. And premium modules from other renowned hardware brands are available to expand your collection.

So dive in, and explore a new sonic frontier where anything is possible, and you never run out of patch cables.

Modular is a modular synthesizer plug-in, developed in partnership with Doepfer​
Comes with component-modeled versions of seven analog hardware modules from Doepfer​
More than 400 quality presets included covering a huge range of styles and sounds​

Team R2R Note: (v2.5.9)

(Most of) single Modular modules are protected one by one. More and more
legit modules you have, more and more load time and cpu / memory wastes you
will have. Any single module releases by R2R are unpacked from WrapWarden
and does not access to iLok License Manager service at all. Now is the tiem
for legit users to complain of the massive perfomance loss to developers 🙂


* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.


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