RTW Mastering Tools v4.1.2 [WiN]

RTW Mastering Tools

Team R2R | 01 January 2021 | 23.04 MB
The Mastering Tools are part of the RTW Masterclass PlugIns, a range of products that provides RTW meters as plug-in software and stand-alone application for Windows® and Mac OS X®. By transferring the analyzer tools to a pure software that requires no additional hardware, RTW will also make them available to musicians, radio producers, and audio/video engineers who need to meet the resulting implementation specifications required by TV and radio broadcasters. As a means for quality control, the Mastering Tools with their precisely working and easy-to-read instruments ensure compliance with custom specifications. Thanks to intuitive operation, they are equally suitable for users with or without background knowledge.

Mastering Tools feature extensive analysis and display functions for mastering, metering and loudness measurements for single- up to multichannel applications including a wide range of PPM scales and displays, VU appearance and TruePPM measurements.

With this the Mastering Tools execute the functionality of comprehensive equipped TM7 and TM9 instruments including basic and Premium PPM, Loudness, RTA, SSA, Audio Vectorscope, and (Multi-) Correlator, and offers the same degree of functionality and clarity as the hardware models. The instruments can be freely arranged and scaled. Various function parameters offer extra flexibility.
Six selectable window frames (landscape and portrait view) resp. the freely adjustable display window permit the tailorable positioning of the provided instruments. Multiple instances may be used. You can store all setups and layouts as presets.


DAW plug-in and stand-alone multi-channel application
Selectable window frames or freely adjustable display for tailorable positioning
Flexible display layout with scalable instruments
Sampling rates up to 96 kHz
Up to 8-ch. PPM, TruePeak, and Loudness measurement
Graphical routing overview with channel presence and activity indicator
Bargraph and/or numerical display
Loudness acc. to EBU R128 s1, ITU-R BS.1770-4/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM Act, Leq(), TASA, SAWA
Loudness range (LRA) with MagicLRA
SPL view
Surround Sound Analyzer
Multi Correlator, Stereo Correlator
Audio Vectorscope
Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA)
Function parameters for extra flexibility: integration time, operational range, tolerance, viewing options for metering data and scales