Plzzdelete Mystic One Shot Kit [WAV]

Plzzdelete Mystic One Shot Kit

Team DECiBEL | 20 February 2021 | 1009.5 MB
@Heyplzzdelete Mystic One Shot Kit is the first one-shot kit by Plzzdelete made with custom sounds used by me daily.

The Mystic One Shot Kit is essentially a VST in a box with over 400 sounds you will never have an issue finding a new fresh sound for your productions again.

All loops have been processed with:
"WA76 FET Compressor"
"Neve Genesys Console"
"Warm Audio WA-2A Compressor"
"Meris Polymoon Super Delay Pedal"
"Zoom MultiStomp Chorus And Delay Pedal"
"API 5550 2-Channel EQ"
"Multiple VST's"

What's in This Sample Pack:
- 64 Accents
- 47 Bass
- 58 Flute & Brass
- 44 Plucks & Bells
- 40 Strings
- 64 Synths & Leads
- 51 Textures & FX
- 28 Vocals
- 51 Pads & Arps
- 11 Loops
- All One-Shots That Aren't Chords (Tuned To C)
**All Loops In Sample Pack Have Been Made With One-Shot Kit**