Plughugger Dark Cities [Synth Presets]

P2P | 21 March 2020 | 7 MB
Dark Cities for u-he Hive 2 is a soundset aimed for dark, retro-futuristic techno and ambient genres. The inspiration for the soundset came from the ground-breaking album Dead Cities by the Future Sound of London: dark and hard with a dystopian ambient atmosphere.

Dark Cities is a very conceptual soundset borrowing ideas from the experimental techno scene from the mid 90s, but mixed with the more modern music styles of today. With Dark Cities we focused on the sound no matter where it brought us.

This soundset was in a way an experiment to see how far you could push the otherwise so polite Hive 2 synthesizer. The result is quite astonishing, especially when overloading the filter while turning up the resonance. If you thought Hive 2 was only for mellow and pop-ish sounds - think again. Hive 2 can sound huge, rough and extremely dirty.

While Dark Cities contains sounds like kick drums and effect sounds, the major focus lies on bass and synth sounds, sequences, pads and dirty soundscapes.

Dark Cities contains 154 new sounds (and 8 new wavetables).

Θ 29 Bass sounds
Θ 32 Sequences & Arpeggios
Θ 27 Lead & Synths
Θ 17 Hit / FX sounds
Θ 14 Robot voices
Θ 35 Pads & Soundscapes

Name: Dark Cities.
Requirements: u-he Hive 2.
Number of sounds: 154.
Format: u-he Hive format incl. 8 new Wavetables.
Style: Dark, dystopian ambient techno

IMPORTANT - This is a soundset for the u-he Hive synthesizer. This product requires a full version of Hive v2 to work. This is not a sample set.