Overloud TH-U Slate Edition v1.2.1 UNLOCKED [WiN]

Overloud TH-U Slate Edition

Team R2R | 01 January 2021 | 306.3 MB
Overloud TH-U Slate Edition is hands down one of the biggest features of the All Access Pass. You get OVER 100 MODELED PIECES, including 32 new amps, 39 new cabinets (including 15 OwnHammer Slate Exclusive), and 31 new effects pedals and modules. TH-U Slate Edition features exclusive OwnHammer impulse responses and utilizes a proprietary rig player technology, which allows users to reproduce entire rigs captured by manufacturers.

Team R2R Note: (v1.2.1 UNLOCKED)


* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.
* All RigLib are included.


* You can load any RigLibrary.
* Contains all additional gears of TH-U.

Finally, this is a real Slate Edition of TH-U with full UNLOCKED deal. This
is what you need to keep! Only TH-U Slate Edition has the Slate IR Loader
module which is required to load slate IR. Generally it’s not possible to use
Slate presets in normal TH-U Full version (even with crack).

The fake VR Slate Edition has following issue:

* Not cracked properly.
* Everytime overwrites user presets because VR does not understand how the
Overloud presets system works. Do not copy files to %APPDATA% 🙂
* Slate presets are not working because it’s not Slate Edition.
* Installer crashes on some systems (legit InnoSetup does not crash).


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