Nail The Mix Humanity’s Last Breath Abyssal Mouth Buster Odeholm [TUTORiAL]

Nail The Mix Humanity's Last Breath Abyssal Mouth Buster Odeholm

P2P | 28 May 2020 | TUTORiAL + PROJECT FILES | 7.79 GB
Mixing Engineer: Buster Odeholm
Performing Artist: Humanity's Last Breath
Song Title: Abyssal Mouth
Album: Abyssal
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 48kHz, 24 bit WAV files.
Song Tempo: 200BPM

Buster Odeholm first gained notoriety as the lead guitarist and producer in Humanity's Last Breath and later as the drummer of the band Vildhjarta. This gave a platform for his production style which has attracted bigger acts such as Born of Osiris, Winds Of Plague, Oceano, Sworn In, and many more.

“Id say I owe a lot to Nail The Mix for my mixing abilities. And to now be part of it is insane!” – Buster Odeholm