Isotonik Studios Alexkid Sequencer Bundle B [Max for Live]

Isotonik Studios Alexkid Sequencer Bundle B

Team DECiBEL | 01 January 2021 | 395.9 MB
If you’ve already sampled the wares of the Alpha Bundle, here’s the Bravo edition!! Three more fantastic MaxforLive sequencers for Ableton Live from Alexkid.

Empirical Sequencers – 16 Step Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live (2 versions included)
The “Empirical Sequencer” is a bigger version of our favorite “Cute Little Sequencer”. It features the same ease of use and creativity of it’s little brother with a few extra features. We kept the main characteristics such as the independent sequence lines allowing polyrhythms, the randomisation and the forced scales that made the success of the “Little” version, but extended the number of steps to 16 and replaced the velocity sequence for a “Parameter Control” line for increased flexibility.

Two versions of the plug-in are included in the download to suit your studio needs:

Parameter Edition – Features a Live Parameter Control line assignable to any parameter in Ableton Live – great with internal synths or Ableton plug-ins. (e.g. you can sequence reverb sends, decays, or anything you can map)

Midi CC# Edition – Features a Midi Control Change # line assignable to any Midi CC# on the same Midi channel of your sequencer – great with external synths. (e.g. you can sequence your filter cut-off or anything you assign via Midi CC#)

The polyrhythm features on those lines will provide extra funk to your bass-lines and melodies, but line can also be used independently to automate (e.g) a Compressor value, or a Reverb. Unleash those unexpected sequences and loops at the press of a button.

Press4Acid – 8 Step Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live
Press4Acid is a dedicated 8 step sequencer orientated for Bass-Lines and inspired by classics. It features independent Glide and Accent sequence lines, as well as creative random features, forced scales and polyrhythm options. An inspiring tool to control any monophonic synth or plug-in with portamento/glide such as (e.g.) the Roland TB-03 or NI Monark. Can you pass the Acid test?

INCLUDED FOR LIVE 9 – Clap Machine
Featuring Auto-Play Mode this device triggers unique claps sequenced on the usual 2 and 4 or triggered via midi stroke. The sequenced timing can be loosened or tightened emulating real disco hand-claps and there are a multitude of settings allowing full control of character, tonality and stereo imaging.

Developer: Alexkid
Compatibility: Live 9.7+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


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