House Of Loop House Music Lover [MULTiFORMAT]

House Of Loop House Music Lover

Team DECiBEL | 22 February 2021 | 586.6 MB
Because of the merging of styles and interpretation of House Music there are many various kinds of House Music. This pack is for you House Music Lovers, this has pure – raw House Music inside.

Based on artists such as Detroit Sweendle, Eric Kupper, Joeski, Kerry Chandler, Mood II Swing, Sandy Rivera, Stardust, and Tod Terry to name a few, as well as Labels that promote this style including Cr2, Classic Music Company, Defected, Moody Recording, Nervous Rejected, Strictly Rhythm Records, and Street King. This pack has the House Music you know and Love.

The volume is high on this one as well as the energy due to including 30 bumping bass loops at 125 bpm, 30 bass shots that keep the beat alive, 30 clap shots that add to the rhythm, 30 drum loops at 124bpm in the forms of these standalone: clap, full drum set, hi-hat, kick drum with clap, percussion, and top of the kit only.

30 Hat shots for distinct transitions or embellishments in the beats, 30 kick shots to pump up the party that extra bit, 30 trademark efx, 30 pad loops at 124bpm, 30 percussion shots, 30 snare shots to drive home the feel of the music, 30 synth loops at 124bpm, 30 synth loops at a faster tempo of 125bpm. 30 synth shots to make a statement, 30 voice loops at 124bpm which allows for a more human element to the music and not forgetting 30 bouncing bass loops 124 bpm.

House of Loop has given you House Heads the pack to make sure that your music is ready to be at The Head of The House sound.

30 drum loops 124 bpm divided in Kick/clap/Full/Top/Hat/Per/Kick&Clap
31 bass loops 124 bpm
30 bass loops 125 bpm
30 Pad 124 bpm
30 synth loops 124 bpm
30 synth loops 125 bpm
30 voice loops 124 bpm
30 efx
30 bass shots
30 synth shots
30 kick shots
30 hat shots
30 percent shots
30 snare shots
30 clap shots
5 BATTERY Sampler patches
65 EXS24 Sampler patches
65 KONTAKT Sampler patches
65 NNXT Sampler patches


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