Groove3 Dorico 3 The New Features Explained 3.1 Update [TUTORiAL]

FANTASTiC | 27 March 2020 | 157 MB Dorico3.1.Update.Explained.rar
Doug Zangar delivers a detailed Dorico 3 video tutorial series! Learn all about the new features added in Dorico version 3.1 and how to use them when crafting your musical scores. This series is for users who already know how to use Dorico 3 and want to learn about the new features and options added to version 3.1.

Doug welcomes you and gives an overview of all the numerous small, but useful improvements in the Dorico 3.1 update. He then jumps in with videos on the improvements made to the Condensing Change window as well those found in the Notation Options and Engraving Options window.

Next take a look at how version 3.1 added powerful new options like the Dynamics Lane and how to utilize them when writing your scores. Dorico's Write Mode is also examined and you'll learn all about the new dynamic and articulation playback improvements, better percussion techniques auditioning, and much more.

Throughout the rest of the Dorico 3.1 videos, you'll explore topics like Miscellaneous Play Mode Improvements, the new Bracketed Noteheads function, Vertical and Horizontal Lines, Engrave Mode, Engraving options, Chord Symbols & Diagrams, and the added Guitar Notation features.

To see what these comprehensive Dorico tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to get going with the new options added in version 3.1, see the individual Dorico 3 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn Dorico 3.1 and see how to put the new features to good use in your scores... Watch “Dorico 3.1 Update Explained®” today.