Splice Sessions West African Voices [WAV]

Splice Sessions West African Voices

Team Flare | 30 October 2020 | 417 MB
Recorded at Laboutique Studios Dakar, Senegalese singers Tidiane Batjily and Marietou Kouyate laid down improvised vocals in the style of Malian traditional folk (of the country Mali), mbalax, and Afrobeat. These vocals are powerfully stunning and mesmerizing.

Upon his return to the music industry after a many year break, Tidiane Batjily found himself singing on many rap records. But truly, these male and female vocals showcasing many West African styles could find a home in any type of production from pop to psych to electronic and beyond.


· 61 Female Vocal Loops & Hooks
· 96 Male Vocal Hooks & Riffs
· 46 Female Vocal One Shots
· 43 Male Vocal One Shots