Production Music Live Clouds Melodic Deep Ableton Template [DAW Templates]

Production Music Live Clouds Melodic Deep Ableton Template

Team Flare | 13 December 2020 | 25.3 MB
Melodic Deep educational Ableton project file inspired by the style of Francois Rengere, David August and Nicolas Jaar. Deconstruct a ready to release track.
Pick up tricks and skills, save valuable time. Apply the same techniques to your own productions right away.

Amazingly detailed automation techniques will keep your arrangement flowing and interesting for long term listening pleasure.
Ableton Live 10 Suite (or higher) + Wavetable. We are only using this software.

Description & Specifications

Software, DAW: Ableton Live 10.1.7 Suite or higher (+ Wavetable)
VST plugin: No 3rd party plugins needed. You will only need Ableton’s “Wavetable” instrument
Key: C-minor
Samples, Presets: All used samples and presets are part of the project file as well.
Important: Make sure you have the above mentioned necessary software installed on your system!


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