King OZ VSTplug Mini Boom Switch v1.2 RETAiL [WiN]

King OZ VSTplug Mini Boom Switch

Team DECiBEL | 11 December 2020 | 16.1 MB
The VSTplug mini boom switch adds clarity and makes a vocal perceivable. This is achieved by adding the muffled bass so taken for granted with just the right stereo width. If you make rap; you’ll really get a kick out of how clear your words will be formed, even after you’ve mixed the heck out of them.

It might also be said that this product is very relevant to making your audio product more suited to various age groups. Through the ravage of age, the attenuation and perception of treble and higher frequencies becomes less, so the brain of an older person will often rely heavily on the simpler frequencies of bass that mean to your brain detail and meaning.


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