King OZ DSPplug inter-sample peak limiter v1.7 RETAiL [WiN]

King OZ DSPplug inter-sample peak limiter

Team DECiBEL | 11 December 2020 | 31.2 MB
The inter-sample peak limiter by DSPplug allows you to avoid true peaks in such a way that is both restorative and non-destructive, utilizing a unique formulae to avoid damage normally done by a limiter, especially in the way of affecting bass.
The inter-sample peak limiter comes in two flavors: The normal version which is a great limiter, and the ++ version which includes an FX rack (4 band stereo width, saturation, exciter) and a 3 band EQ (with optional HP and LP).

+ V1.0: Initial release
+ V1.1: Added optional HP option.
+ V1.1: Added ++ version for effect without a color.
+ V1.2: Added amplitude setting for a more convenient plugin resulting.
+ V1.3: Added a second more pervasive algorithm (Enabled by switch – mode II) due to customer request.
+ V1.4: Made sound effect less pervasive, and as a result merged two versions. Fixed strange lurching knob action (but could not reproduce). Fixed algorithm 2 setting. Added better sonic treatment.
+ V1.4: Added new ++ version with equalizer and FX section to V1.4.
+ V1.4: Switched to double precision math for all EQ filters.
+ V1.5: Improved GUI, Improved readouts and set gain max to 18 dBFS.
+ V1.6: Reduced distortion with ++ version EQ.
+ V1.7: Improved automation support (updates on their way).


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