F9 TRAX Electric Disco II OSX Apple Silicon [WAV, AiFF, DAW Templates]

F9 TRAX Electric Disco II OSX Apple Silicon

P2P | 29 June 2022 | 7 GB
Welcome to F9 TRAX - Electric Disco II
With over 160 patches across an extraordinary 8Gb sound library and created over 5 months, we feel this release is untouched in its detail, power and price-point. Releasing during 2022, we are painfully aware of the issues all creative people face with cost-of-living rising across the entire planet so we’ve done our absolute best to keep this as reasonable as we can.

If you’re new to F9 TRAX, please buckle up - This release contains 5 entire DAW projects for Logic Pro X.

Our DAW TRAX projects are completely powered by multi-sampled instruments played via midi, giving you access to absolutely every nuance and note, making these the most flexible and downright useful template releases in existence.

Absolutely no 3rd-party plugins are required to run these projects - we use only built-in DAW tools from Logic. Let us show you exactly how good your DAW can sound when it's fed the correct material. No need to worry about updates either!

System Requirements & Specs
Logic Pro X 10.2.6 Onwards including OSX 11 all Apple Silicon Hardware
Logic Pro X Specs

9.37Gb Total Size
5 Main DAW Projects
Full Session Notes
6 Startup Projects
160+ Patches ( Previews available via apple loops )
216 BONUS Apple loops
216 BONUS WAV Loops
Full PDF Manual