5Pin Media Sci-Fi Chronicles [WAV]

5Pin Media Sci-Fi Chronicles

5Pin Media and acclaimed sound designer/engineer Adam Pietruszko team up again to bring you the cosmically phenomenal Sci-Fi Chronicles.

Steeped in a range of influences from one of the greatest 80s Sci-Fi movies, to it’s recent sequel, combined with the classic Sci-Fi anime Hollywood remake involving ghosts, this powerful cinematic collection will appeal to producers of Synthwave, Synth-pop, Electronica, Ambient, Cinematic Scores and Documentaries alike.

Sci-Fi Chronicles comes in three main parts – Music, Effects (FX) and Drums as demonstrated in the associated audio demos available for preview above. You will be pleased to learn that you can purchase individual parts in addition to the complete collection.

SFC teleports in at 2.4 GB with a total 728 loops and 180 one-shots available in both Acidized WAV and Apple formats split between 80bpm and 105bpm tempos. Note that the music loops are available in both wet and dry versions for added flexibility – for more detail see the Tech Specs. Cinematic Sounds Synthwave Samples

Adam Pietuszko hails from Warsaw where he teaches synthesis and sound design at the Academy of Audio Engineering. At the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology his teaching covers sound synthesis, acoustics, electroacoustics, digital audio theory and music production. He has been a member of The Association of Sound Engineers in Poland since 2009.

Adam’s journey in electronic music began in 2003 when he started spinning vinyl in Warsaw clubs, later turning to synthesizers and production. He is the creator of numerous award winning sample libraries and synthesizer sound banks focusing on the field of cinematic effects, picture scoring and electronic music.

Adam combines analog and digital synthesizer techniques with percussion and field recordings, as well as physical modelling and experimental audio creation. Adam’s works also include tutorial videos on synthesizer programming and sound design.


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