Production Music Live Organica Full Ableton Production Suite [Ableton Live]

Production Music Live Organica Full Ableton Production Suite

Team DECiBEL | 18 May 2021 | 1.65 GB
Make your tracks sound more alive and natural with over 370 Samples, 170 handcrafted loops, 30 Diva Presets and 4 fully produced Project Files – kick off your next Organic House production!

This Sound Pack Includes
4 Ableton Live Templates
These four templates offer a 360 degree perspective on Organic House – from experimental to club-ready.

How to Use:
As song starters
Reference for Mixing & Mastering
As Sound & Midi pool
Inspiration for Arrangements
Detailed Automations

Templates Included:
Yannek Maunz – Horizon
Brascon – Destabilize
Brascon & Yannek Maunz – I am ok
Yannek Maunz – Oblique

540+ Professional Samples & Loops
Samples Includes
Layered Claps: 45
Single Claps: 50
Organic Hats: 50
Toms: 15
Percussion: 30
Vocals: 45
Kicks: 40
Moving Percussion: 90
Metal: 10

Loops Included
Metal Loops: 60
Bass Loops: 5
Shaker Loops: 50
Weird Loops: 30
Bongo Loops: 35

Diva Presets
Arps: 10
Bass: 5
Leads: 8
Misc: 7

About this Sound Pack
This extensive collection from Yannek Maunz & Brascon of all natural samples, percussions, loops and carefully crafted Diva presets will make your tracks feel more alive and full – and more organic!

Artists like Kiasmos, Stimming, Tim Green, Sebastien Legere or Monkey Safari will come to mind when you browse through the sounds.

What You Get:
– 4 fully produced, mixed & mastered Ableton Project Files – the perfect song starter kit!
– Over 370 samples and organic sounds as one shots
– More than 170 loops & textures
– 30 rich & inspiring Diva presets

Software Requirements
Ableton Live 11 Suite + uHe Diva We are only using these two pieces of software.