D16 Group Total Bundle v2021.05.08 [MacOSX]

D16 Group Total Bundle

SPTNDC | 19 May 2021 | 629.45 MB
Gathers all D16 has plug-ins ever made; vintage Roland’s classic emulations, SilverLines effects, Sigmund and Repeater quality delay units and their flagship syntesizer; the LuSH-101.

D16 Group Total Bundle Features:
– 15 top-tier plug-ins to elevate your virtual studio.
– Classic Boxes bundle provides emulations of vintage Roland hardware.
– SilverLine Collection adds new layers of excitement and depth to your mixes.
– Sigmund is a delay plug-in with tremolo, filter, and distortion effects.
– Experience everything from classic synth sounds to out-of-this-world effects with the LuSH-101 soft synth.
– PunchBOX is the secret to crafting killer kick sounds.
– Achieve classic analog flange effects and more with Antresol.
– Repeater’s vintage modeled delays inject your recordings with space, depth, and excitement.

Plug-ins included in this bundle:
– PunchBOX bass drum synth
– LuSH-101 multitimbral polyphonic synth
– Nepheton drum machine
– Decimort2 high-quality bit crusher
– Drumazon drum machine
– Devastor2 multiband distortion unit
– Nithonat drum machine
– Phoscyon bass-line
– Antresol analog BBD stereo flanger
– Sigmund flexible delay unit
– Syntorus double-path analog chorus
– Toraverb space-modulated reverb
– Redopter vintage tube distortion
– Fazortan controllable space phaser
– Repeater vintage modeled delay