Ave McRee LOFI Murphy Drums [WAV]

Ave McRee LOFI Murphy Drums

P2P | 19 May 2021 | 1 MB
Over 40 one shots Murphy drums are wide range of sloppy but smooth drums ready from your lofi beats! Created from real jazz drums . Recorded with the Roland SP404SX, cooking in 12bit, converted to 16bit, and chopped to perfection. NO RECYCLED SOUNDS and no nomalizing! Inspired by J.Dilla, Flying Lotus, and B!nk. Mixed and mastered at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

here’s whats included:

10 Kicks 8 Hats 1 Vox 16 Snares 4 Claps 3 Break Drums 2 Percs

Wav format works in every DAW and drum sampler.